City of Vacaville - Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant

Elmira, CA
Date Completed:  2005
Services Provided:  Landscape Architecture*
Owner:  City of Vacaville
Engineer:  West Yost Associates 

Key Contributions: 
demonstration garden | selection of plant palette 

Details:  10 mgd to 15 mgd plant expansion | landscape irrigated with reclaimed water | little to no maintenance | reuse of former settling ponds

Environmental Impact Report (EIR) requirements for expansion included using the landscape to mitigate for view, noise, and odor. Thick landscape buffers separate the facility from the town. The plant palette was selected to withstand intense summer winds, suitable for the higher salt content found in reclaimed irrigation water, and requires little maintenance.  

The wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) program included the installation of a public demonstration garden designed to showcase plants suitable for residential landscapes irrigated with reclaimed water.  In another section of the plant, the abandoned settling ponds were planted with native grasses and trees. 

*Project management and conceptual planting and design were provided by Cunningham Engineering’s Cheryl Sullivan while previously employed at MIG.