Spring Lake Specific Plan

Location:  Woodland, CA
Date Completed:  construction began 2004
Services Provided:  Project Planning | Civil Engineering | Landscape Architecture 
Owners/Developers:  Spring Lake Planning Group | City of Woodland | Multiple Developers

Key Contributions:  phased improvements to defer costs | developed detailed capital improvement plan | strategized offsite drainage alternatives | backbone infrastructure and subdivision level improvements

Details:  1100-acre specific plan | 660-acres single and multi family | 240-acres public/private schools | 65-acres of parks | central commercial/fire station complex

As civil engineer for the primary property owner, Cunningham Engineering has been playing a key role in the entitlement process for this Specific Plan since 1999.  Spring Lake is the current major growth area for Woodland, requiring an extensive system of new infrastructure.  We assisted our clients and the City in determining technical and financial feasibility and design for roadways, bikeways, drainage, sewer and water facilities, addressing issues such as phasing, constrained drainage options and conflicting public agency requirements.  

With over miles of bikepaths and pathways, Cunningham Engineering was able to utilize our expertise with bikeway planning, multi-use drainage/recreation areas and alternative street designs during the land planning process.